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"InVEST Model - Modeling of Ecosystem Services"
Professor: Dr. Sebastian Villasante (Universidad de Santiago de Compostela - Spain)
Period: December  4-11

Past courses

Modeling species distributions: methods and applications”. This course has the main aim to introduce students to the fundamental concepts underpinning the "so-called" species distribution models (SDM). The course describes some of the most prominent methods currently in use both from a frequentist and a Bayesian approach. Throughout the course, the lectures will emphasize the limits and strengths of the species distribution model algorithms, and will be also focus on the use of presence-only, presence/absence and abundance models. The students will have the opportunity to learn how to run SDMs with the R and INLA software (

Course Professors:
Dr. Pennino and Dr. Llompart

Course Objectives:
At the end of the course, the students will learn about:
1.  Formal knowledge about the main statistical approaches relating to SDMs;
2. Specific examples of SDMs with different model algorithms (GAMs, Random Forest, Boosted Regression Trees) using a frequentist approach;
3.  An introduction to the Bayesian inference and modeling framework;
4. Specific examples of SDMs using a Bayesian approach and specifically the R-INLA software.

The last day participants can work with they own data and present their studies.

Dates and logistics:
The course will take place at the Universidad Nacional de Tierra del Fuego, Antártida e Islas del Atlántico Sur, Sede Yrigoyen 879,CP 9410,+54 2901 440-853, Ushuaia, Provincia de Tierra del Fuego Antártida e Islas del Atlántico Sur, in Argentina, between the 20 and the 24 March 2017.

Some experience in the computer language R is desirable, and experience with Bayesian statistic is helpful. All participants must bring their own personal laptop.


Fees and Participation:
The course fee is 1500 pesos until the 15/02/2017. The fee covers the lectures and the course material.

For more details, please contact with:

Inscriptions will be open until the 15/02/2017.

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